Pamela Pizzimenti
The future of writing
It is my belief that the writing model offered in schools today doesn't work. I learned a lot after being an educator for 8 years, but a big realization for me was how schools are failing our future writers.  
Why doesn't the 'school' model work?
     The homogenous segregation of grade levels creates only exact age peer writing situations.  This is problematic for young writers as they need to have multi-leveled and multi-aged writing models around them in order for their writing to grow and change. 
     The model used in schools doesn't spark passion or interest in young writers.  Teachers are forced to cover certain standards (most of which revolve around expository writing) so students aren't asked to write using the creative forms they are truly drawn to on any kind of regular basis.  Even when poetry is assigned, it is often recipe-style poetry, such as learning to write a Haiku. 
    Reading rich literature makes good writers.  Reading instruction in schools has been given over to the textbook companies making  it difficult for teachers to create a literature rich environment. Teachers are  forced to use basil readers or textbooks filled with short clips of books.  These 'clips' are often not even the best part of the books and are  books the textbook companies publish, so the textbook companies are acting with their own self-interest in mind.
What is the solution?
    Until the many problems  in education are addressed young writers need to look for avenues outside of schools to learn and practice the craft of writing.    I am delighted to announce that I am the current advisor for the The Redwood Writer's Youth Writing group in Sonoma County.  Redwood
Writer's is part of a statewide nonprofit organization  dedicated
to educating both members and the public in the craft of
writing and in the marketing of their work (click on the
Redwood Writers logo for more information.)  I have also
added a webpage on my site dedicated to helping young
writers - keep an eye our for youth writing pieces in the future.
    I also recommend reading the article on The Creativity Crisis at
The River Whispers is a big winner...AGAIN!
In addition to winning the teenage division of the 2009 Beach Book Festival, 2nd place in the teenage division of the Hollywood Book Festival and being an Indie Book Finalist in both Juvenile and Young Adult Ficition categories, The River Whispers won the middle-Grade/young Adult Division of the 17th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.  It received a nice layout in the March/April Writer's Digest...and it was a real bonus to see The River Whispers get front and center amongst all the winners!

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Move to a new town, start a new school, try to fit in, befriend a ghost, solve a mystery, confront the town recluse, cope with her grandfather's absence, and fall in love for the first time - thirteen year old Evie tackles it all her first month in Turnville.

Teenage  Winner - 2009 Beach Book Festival
Teenage 2nd Place - 2009 Hollywood Book Fest.
Young Adult  Finalist - 2009 Indie Book Awards
Young Adult Winner  - 17th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-published Book Awards

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